Content Writing

I have over six years experience writing content for a range of clients including Crunch, the UK’s number one cloud-based accountant, and Control, Vancouver’s premier payment analytics company. I’ve also written for the UK’s leading national newspaper The Independent, Real Business Magazine, and The Freelancer Club.

My specialisation is content that focusses on small business, finance, tax law, economics, freelancing, and digital marketing. Regardless of my niche, I am a competent content writer who is able to adapt to help different businesses with ease.

My main aim is to produce content that attracts leads, builds trust with your customer base, provides engagement and – perhaps most importantly – adds value to a company.

Signs that a business needs help with content
  • Organic traffic has declined
  • You’re struggling to get your brand recognised
  • The copy on your website isn’t optimised for search engines
  • You don’t have the time to regularly update your blog
  • You don’t have anything relevant to share on social media

I curate and craft carefully optimised content that helps businesses become more visible online.

Content and SEO go hand in hand and I’m incredibly experienced in both these areas of digital marketing.

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