I’ve worked on content, editorial, and SEO with both Canadian and UK clients. Here are a few examples of businesses I’ve been lucky enough to work with.

Telemetry TV

Hired by Telemetry TV, a Vancouver digital signage company, as a copywriter (landing page, on page copy, case studies), and a content writer for their blog. Content focusses on educating audience about digital signage and the benefits it brings to a business.

Simon Fraser University

Hired on a three month marketing coordinator contract with Simon Fraser University (SFU) and their history department’s project The Archives of Lesbian Oral Testimony. Objective was to utilize digital marketing techniques to raise the profile of the archives on a global scale.

I wrote a succinct and strategic marketing plan that focussed on social media, SEO, PR, and outreach. In three months I increased organic sessions by 966%, Facebook engagement by 43%, and Twitter engagement by 20%.

Control – payment analytics software

I’ve worked with Control, one of Vancouver’s leading startups, since 2016 as both a writer and a content strategist. I help the company win more clients by strategising and producing search optimized content that is centred around payment analytics, business metrics, ecommerce and SaaS business advice.

PayPal vs Stripe. Are two payment processors better than one?  – This post currently holds the featured snippet on Google out of 27 million positions.
Actionable vs vanity metrics: which ones matter? 

Everything a CEO needs to know about optimizing customer lifetime value

Growth data is everything when it comes to venture capital

Get out of the cash flow trough faster
5 churn reduction qualities to keep your SaaS product sticky
How to use cohort analysis and prevent churn

You can find more examples of my work on the Control Blog.

J.Ringer Consulting

I’ve worked with J.Ringer Consulting as a contractor since June 2016. Jesse and I collaborate on a number of projects including content strategy, SEO, content writing, and copywriting. Through contracting with J.Ringer Consulting, I’ve worked on a number of projects with brands that include Cocktails & Canapes, Yeagar Employment Law, Steelhead, Plus SEO, and Spruce.

Donohoe Design

I worked with Donohoe Design as a digital marketing consultant for six months during 2016. In that time I grew traffic for Donohoe Design by 2000% via developing and implementing a succinct digital marketing strategy that included overseeing the implementation of SEO on a brand new website build, developing a social media strategy, and producing SEO focussed content for the company’s blog.

Crunch – the UK’s leading online accountant

I joined the Crunch team in April 2015 as a content producer and was asked to continue working with the company after I immigrated to Vancouver, Canada. During my tenure with Crunch, we increased organic traffic by over 40% and helped build the business to increase its turnover by 30% YOY.

How much should I charge clients? – November 2016
Six ways to grow your business at a networking event – September 2016
The ultimate list of freelancing tools – September 2016
How gendered pricing can hurt your business – March 2016
The power of persuasion: your passport to prompt payments – January 2016

Places I Eat Brighton

I founded Places I Eat Brighton in 2010 and grew the online food magazine to become one of Brighton’s leading resources for restaurant reviews, features and news. At its peak Places I Eat acquired traffic of 8,000 visitors per month.

The Brighton & Hove Independent – UK local newspaper

I worked with the Brighton and Hove Independent as a content stratgist and writer for 18 months between 2013 and 2015. I planned and executed the weekly food and drink page of both the physical print newspaper and its online equivalent.

Rocket Mill

Occasional copywriting work for Rocket Mill, an award-winning digital marketing agency based in the U.K.

Canada Wide Media

Editorial work for Canada Wide Media, specifically their magazine Real Weddings. Focusing on custom content creation (advertorials) for their client roster.

Real Business Magazine

Freelance editorial.

Branding – how to achieve business success – November 2015
Giving to charity: a business owners guide
 – Sept 2015
How to elevate your social media presence in five steps – October 2015

The Freelancer Club

Freelance editorial.

What expenses can I claim? – May 2015
The benefits of being a sole trader – June 2015

The Independent – UK national newspaper

Freelance editorial.

Top ten ways to reduce your university debt – Aug 2015